Blogs before dogs

I’m excited to enter the blogosphere. Journalists today need to know how to engage their audience through so many different platforms — and blogging is definitely a major one. So, here we go. Please humor me as I indulge myself.

I’ll start by posting a story I wrote for the Daily Trojan this week. My great uncle slipped me $100 over the summer and told me to have fun with it. You know, buy some drinks. (He’s one of those 80-year-old guys with a light-up bar in his swanky Miami apartment.) Since I’m not your average (ahem, nerdy) college student and I don’t embrace the word “fun” the way my fellow, Jungle Juice-chugging Greeks do, I put the money toward something I consider fun: a digital audio recorder. Plus, it’s not often (never) that I’m slipped $100, so I would have felt pangs of horrible Jewish guilt had I wasted it on Dirty Shirleys. The point is, having this technology has made my life so much easier. Even better, it’s an extra incentive to buy those flippy notebooks and wear thick-rimmed glasses. I’m all about stereotypes. I still want to learn shorthand, but in the meantime, I can use this recorder as my crutch and spare myself the carpal tunnel by not fretting over jotting down every single word an interviewee says verbatim.

So, with thanks to my new piece of Best Buy goodness, here is my profile piece on the dean of the USC Roski School of Arts, who is relinquishing her position at the end of the school year. My dad always makes fun of the content of my stories. Let’s put it this way: They aren’t the most groundbreaking, controversial, hard-hitting pieces. “You better hide out in your room, what with the mob scene this story on plagiarism is going to ignite,” he’ll say to me whenever I e-mail him my latest story. Ha. What can I say? Nevertheless, I enjoyed writing this; I like learning about people.

Dean Ruth Weisberg rejoins faculty, search for new dean


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