Just out of curiosity…

Has anyone ever actually made a professional connection on LinkedIn and/or gotten hired? I pondered this question tonight after someone invited me to his network, and I realized that in the few months I’ve had an account, I’ve done absolutely nothing on this social/professional networking site except type in my own standout credentials (i.e., limited Spanish) and accept other people’s invitations. I’m not saying that people my age don’t make use of it. It’s just that, for me, it’s currently functioning as an alternate Facebook. I’m adding friends, except this time I’m not even taking the time to look at their profiles, send them messages or poke them. And really, if you can’t poke someone, what good is it anyway? In other words, it’s getting about as much use as my Myspace that could or could not be deleted for all I know.

Two years from now when I’m finished with school and jobless, this post will explain a lot.


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