Magically delicious…or magnificently wasteful?

I’m just going to come out and ask the question that everyone else is too afraid to ask. I will be silenced no longer.

Why doesn’t Lucky Charms just keep the marshmallows and lose the cereal?

Too often I find myself picking my way around the oat pieces, scrapping for pink hearts and purple horseshoes. My rainbow marshmallows and magically delicious bliss are soon reduced to a sorry excuse of what looks like monochromatic sawdust pilings.

Quite frankly I’m surprised that Lucky Charms would continue to be so wasteful when everyone else is making a concerted effort to trim the fat (not marshmallow fat) and curb excess.

Give the American public what it wants already.


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One response to “Magically delicious…or magnificently wasteful?

  1. sperlmutter

    I totally agree. I always find myself fishing around the bowl for the marshmallows . Its definitely the best part. Although, if they made the cereal with just the marshmallows, I doubt there would be a lot of nutritional value.

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