I Can See Hogwarts From My House

I was surprised by the results of a recent Vanity Fair poll that asked readers which upcoming memoir by a Republican politician they’d be most likely to read. Condoleezza Rice won with 22 percent of the votes.

I’d be much more interested to see what Sarah Palin, who received 9 percent, had to say . . . if only for laughs. In all seriousness though, while I wasn’t rooting for her to become the next VP by any means, I would be intrigued to hear her side of things.

Who would you pick?

On a semi-related note (OK, so that might be somewhat of a stretch), I am going to plug this video of Daniel Radcliffe trying on Sarah Palin glasses and saying, “I can see Hogwarts from my house.” Kanye West Potter is also pretty funny, and I’m sure there’s an Ima let you finish joke to be had somewhere among these competing authors.



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3 responses to “I Can See Hogwarts From My House

  1. theurbanbriefcase

    Fun Stuff. It’s interesting because condoleeza rice appears to be the least partisan from the list.

  2. Timothy Johnson

    Dick Cheney’s is gonna be more juicy.

  3. While I wouldn’t deny that Palin’s book would probably be a humorous read, I don’t know that I could justify A. giving even a penny of my money to her so that she may think she’s any more socially relevant than she already does or B. spending more than an hour of my valuable waking life hours hearing about her daily struggles parenting a child with mental retardation and another one stupid enough to get knocked up.

    was that too harsh? haha

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