Still alive

Not a day goes by without legions of Pigs in a Barrel readers asking me when, when, I’m going to update my blog and once again offer my thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mickey Mouse’s relevance in the 21st century, or any one of the many titillating topics I expounded on in order to fulfill a USC writing requirement.

Sorry to disappoint, but that won’t be happening today. I did, however, update my About Me section.

This blog once promised to be about “politics and other musings…or something like that.” As always, I was right to be ambiguous. Mentally strike “politics” from the banner, since I don’t know how to edit it and am still too fond of the graphic my friend Tim Shundo designed.

From now on, if I continue to write here, I will post “other musings…or something like that.”  Possible musings include self-serving announcements such as this one, or perhaps the occasional The Bachelor recap. That’s pretty much what I was doing already, but I’m officially acknowledging it now.

What are you waiting for? This page isn’t going to bookmark itself.


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