About Taylor

Taylor Friedman graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with degrees in Print and Digital Journalism and Political Science.

Ms. Friedman* has won some awards and written for some publications, all of which you can read about here. She seriously needs to update this blog. It probably won’t be about politics anymore, but you best believe that the pork barrel/fat cat graphic by Tim Shundo is staying.

Taylor enjoys long walks, but not on the beach, and writing about herself in third person.

*And pretending the New York Times is writing her biography.

If you want to know more, talk about Harry Potter, have questions, complaints, or an anecdote that no one else will listen to, e-mail Taylor at taylorfriedman@alumni.usc.edu.

Please take a moment to admire the side of my mom's head. Also, this picture is from 2008 and my hair is much shorter now.

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