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Quintessential: Pasta, Palace of Fine Arts, & One Gay

When my friend Anita and I first visited San Francisco together on our shared birthday, Dec. 6, we found the perfect word to describe the city: “Quintessential.”

I took some pictures with my phone’s dinky camera, but it’s not the same as seeing these things in person.

Every time I run by The Palace of Fine Arts, I can’t believe I could possibly live five minutes from something so beautiful. The first time I saw it last year, I knew immediately it’s where I want to get married. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Crissy Field is also part of the home turf. You can just make out the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. See the bench? I claim you, future reading spot.

I’m becoming much more independent. Por ejemplo: This Trader Joe’s lobster pasta is a direct result of my boiling water! I’m also sitting alone in my apartment and am only mildly fearful for my life. This is progress.

Look out...Julia Child. (Recalling her name just now was such a challenge.)

And, best for last: One Gay.

Only one? I seriously doubt that.


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